Arcade stick skin

I dedicate the day to the Arcade Stick.
As you can see I started with printing out the skin
and believe me, was the hardest part because my DebianBox and Gimp are not so happy to talk to my canon printers, and seems that at Microsoft they think that pictures must be printed only in (what they think are ) standard formats.
So having a print of 30 x 19cm was not so easy. (Thankyou Infranview people šŸ™‚ )


After having a right sized print I plasticized it.


Then I cutted the holes and edges and i assembled all.

This is the result:


Quite nice, isn’t it? šŸ˜€

Then the printer starts to print by herself and 2 strange creatures appeared.
3D teletransport
They are green microaliens!


However, how I said, it’s only a prototype.
I drilled big holes with a drill bit because i don’t have the right tool so holes are not in the perfect place,
The bended box has a hole that is not right, and i think that the tickness is too much.
I need also more space under the cover, so i need to increase the height.

Then I need also to check if buttons are in the right position for the hand.
We are not in hurry… we will see šŸ™‚

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