Arcade stick metal box

While i was waiting the old printer finish a “big” piece for the new one, I decided to use the time to go ahead with the Arcade stick.
I started to complete the laser cutted sheet piece removing some parts (when u see a Seimitsu button you must know that you’re watching only the iceberg peek)
due to a miscalculation of spaces.
Then I bend it, and I’m quite satisfied about the work because I haven’t the right fractioned die component on my press-brake machine.
I must scold Autodesk because in the sheet-metal module of Inventor there is a bug.
It draws out a corner that interfere in the bend. The software when simulate the unfold, should alert the operator. (And the operator must pay more attention 😀 )Image
After completing the box I take a piece of white polycarbonate.
I planned to use a 5mm tickness, but i had only 3mm available. I used it anyway.
I traced the points for holes, and i proceeded to engrave the centers.

I spent some time at the driller machine and I mounted all just for a quick test 🙂


Meanwhile the old printer finished… 4 hours! (7mm/sec…)


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