BadDevices for 3DRacers

BadDevices participated with 3DRacers ( to promote their Indiegogo campaign! with a video of one of the 3D car model, the Blu Corvette, printed with our BadPrinter2.

Check out their awesome project on indiegogo page where Marco and the 3DRacers team are collecting the funds to create small and fun RC car racing that everyone can print and customize.

We participate also in an Italian TV show “I fatti vostri” to live promote the project.
You can see the show clip here, from minute 6.00

Soluble support with PVA and BadPrinter2

We tested the PVA material (Polyvinyl alcohol) to create the support for PLA sample object with strong overhangs (an helical object) that normally is in impossible to print.
We want to prove the multimaterial capability of the BadPrinter2.
We used Cura as slicer with our script for double colour that, during the tool change, moves the hotend to a “parking” area and cooldown the unused one to reduce as much as possible the oozing during the next print phase.
The PVA is a very flexi material, so the retraction has to be used with attention; as you can see in the photo, there are a lot of “strings” of material generated during the material change, but the PVA is water soluble and they can be easily removed in the post-processing without impact on the quality of the PLA part.



In the following video you can see the post-processing operation of removing the PVA support by submerging it into cold water. We know that leaving the part in warm water for about 24 hours cause a complete dissolving of the PVA, but we want to show that also after about 30 minutes in cold water the material became slippery enough to remove easily the support at the interface between PVA and PLA.


Big update on BadPrinter2 production

It’s been a while from the last update on our blog.
The last post reports our partecipation to the MakerFaireRome 2014 and it’s dated two months ago (the time is running very fast :-))
A brief description of our esperience there: we met a lot of nice people and lot of curious persons.
We are happy to show the series version of our BadPrinter2: the people were impressed by the quality of the printed objects, and also by the quality and construction of the machine and we are very proud of that.
A lot of work going into the design and we want our machine to be a robust and reliable 3D printer and we think we had succeeded in the task.

Coming back from the faire we had a lot of things to organize, we want to start with the second batch of machines and we had to plan a lot of things: some minor upgrade in the design and the production. We have to buy and manufacture all the part needed and to print a lot of plastic parts. Our new milestone is to go for twenty machines.
We are not alone in working on the production; our trustworthy BadPrinter2 are helping us by printing late at night to produce all the parts of their “sister” machines. We had a total of about 1800 parts to be printed for all the twenty machines 🙂

We hope to be able to run the new website soon, we are defining the latest details; for the moment keep in touch with our “classic” blog 🙂



BadDevices a MakerFaireRome!

Ci siamo, BadDevices è alla MakerFaireRome!

Saremo presenti con la BadPrinter2, il nostro entusiasmo e la voglia di raccontarvi il nostro progetto!

Venite a trovarci nell’area GUTENBERG Zona L (stand 6a)
Potete seguirci anche sul nostro profilo Twitter@BadDevices e unirvi alla conversazione con gli hashtag #MFR14 e #BadPrinter2

Presto sarà online il nostro webstore dove potrete vedere e acquistare la BadPrinter2 e i relativi accessori.

Scarica QUI la brochure della nostra BadPrinter2






Here we are, BadDevices is at MakerFaireRome!

We are here with the BadPrinter2, our enthusiasm and desire to tell you about our project!

Come visit us in GUTENBERG Area; Zone L (booth 6a)

You can also follow us on our Twitter account @BadDevices and join the conversation with the hashtag #MFR14 and #BadPrinter2

Soon it will be online our webstore where you can see and buy the BadPrinter2 and accessories.

Dowload HERE the brochure of our BadPrinter2

Football CUP

After scripting a good printer configuration for dualcolor printing we thought that a football ball would have been a good example to test our solution, there are ever 2 colors in each layer and 15cm diameter is not so tiny
During the printing of the ball we thought that we would have needed something to hold the ball… and so the football cup idea 🙂

Next step: double material 🙂 Stay tuned ^^






Summertime Printing

It’s summer, but BadDevices never goes to holiday; we are trying to obtain the best from our BadPrinters by printing some big and nice object and we are also concentrating in tweaking the correct parameters for dual printing.

Here some of our latest pieces

DSC_6243 DSC_6249 DSC_6251 DSC_6252 DSC_6253 DSC_6254 DSC_6258

And some work in progress, like the awesome multi-part GE jet engine (the main fan is missing in the picture) and some “mistery” object 🙂


Mission Accomplished!

Finally the first ten production BadPrinter2 are completed and running!
We are tired for the hard work of this long week end, but very happy and proud for the result!
It’s a very motivating goal, after months of design, trials, errors and the final rush of assembly. We learn a lot and this experience will be precious from now on, in order to facing the upcoming launch of the webstore and the future batch of production.

Here some images of the BadPrinter2 alligned on the workbench; hope you like the “new” purple and grey color.




Then some useful tool produced by the machine, like a rigid template to allow the correct placement of the Caution sticker or the customized BadDevices Allen wrench for an easy bed leveling.