About BadDevices

Our team is BadDevices and we are experienced hobbist, this mean that we have a lot of hobbies and lot of ideas to make these hobbies more fun, so we decide it is time to share all of this fun with everybody

The two-person team is composed by Christian Filippi and Stefano Pavanello; two italian guys that likes everything involving electronics, mechanics, robot, gaming, RC, gadgets, but also likes making things.

Stefano Pavanello, 36 years old; electronic engineer employed in italian aeronautical industry (AleniaAermacchi) as electromagnetic compatibility specialist.
Christian Filippi, 37 years old; running a company develops and build thermoregulation plants for plastic industry machinery.

We started with some small projects, but recently we decide to concentrate on developing and build a 3D printer that can be simple, cool, affordable and made in italy: the BadPrinter2; this after the first experience of designing a scratchbuilt 3D printer from old CNC parts and electronics.

The BadPrinter1 nicknamed “the monster” is quite cumbersome, slow and noisy, but it works! and it was a confidence booster to start developing something different and better.
In these pages we want to document this, but also other projects; for example, we design and built a multi-car lap timing system for our 1:10 RC touring small track based on infrared sensors, RF modules and Arduino Minis.


Up to now we are working as much as possible in the spare time to develop and build the BadPrinter2; we stops only an holiday week for a fantastic trip to Japan!
We hope everyone can share and enjoy our work.

If you want to contact us, you can mail to: bad.devices@gmail.com

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