BadDevices a MakerFaireRome!

Ci siamo, BadDevices è alla MakerFaireRome!

Saremo presenti con la BadPrinter2, il nostro entusiasmo e la voglia di raccontarvi il nostro progetto!

Venite a trovarci nell’area GUTENBERG Zona L (stand 6a)
Potete seguirci anche sul nostro profilo Twitter@BadDevices e unirvi alla conversazione con gli hashtag #MFR14 e #BadPrinter2

Presto sarà online il nostro webstore dove potrete vedere e acquistare la BadPrinter2 e i relativi accessori.

Scarica QUI la brochure della nostra BadPrinter2






Here we are, BadDevices is at MakerFaireRome!

We are here with the BadPrinter2, our enthusiasm and desire to tell you about our project!

Come visit us in GUTENBERG Area; Zone L (booth 6a)

You can also follow us on our Twitter account @BadDevices and join the conversation with the hashtag #MFR14 and #BadPrinter2

Soon it will be online our webstore where you can see and buy the BadPrinter2 and accessories.

Dowload HERE the brochure of our BadPrinter2

The Maker Faire Rome experience

We are back at home, but also if three days had passed since the end of the First European Maker Faire in Rome, all the emotions and thoughts of those days are still with us.
It was a great experience and we are happy that about 35000 visitors come to see the revolution of the makers, the future of technology coming from common, but fabulous people that spend their spare time in designing, thinking and building something awesome.
We want to thank, first of all, Massimo Banzi and Riccardo Luna for organizing this fantastic event and Massimiliano Colella and Stefano Venditti of Asset Camera for making this event possible.
The presentation of BadPrinter2 was a success; a lot of people asks information about us, about our work and about the project; who was already inside the 3D printing world asks for us technical details, and gives also suggestion and it is a satisfaction to share thoughts and ideas with them; others, that never saw, a 3D printer has the possibility to see this fantastic machine running and creating things in front of them, from a simple 3D computer model.
We want to thanks all of those people, coming from Rome and from other part of Italy for their kindness and curiosity, it was a very intense experience to have contacts with such people.
We met also a lot of makers and we want to greet them all and, in particular, new friends that share with us those days: Tobeca, Sharebot, Hipstercircuits, Hardware girls, Hobbymedia, Italymaker,, University of Cambridge and MakeTank; see you next year!
We want to thanks also all the fablab, hackerspaces, university and schools that shows interest in our project; keep in touch with our blog and updating of the work.

The star of our booth was Pacman and ghosts Blinky and Inky :-); we made it for fun, but they show to all the people the capability of our printer. Now we have to work hard to complete the project and enter in a production phase in order to make available the BadPrinter2 to everyone, so, see you on next update.



Education day and first open day at the Maker Faire

Friday there was an education day here at the Maker Faire Rome, a lot of Students and their teacher come to see this magic world of makers. Most of the child, the boys and the girls stop at our booth and are very surprised in seeing all the printed parts, the pac-man, the printed wrench and all the things make in the last weeks by our BadPrinter2. They stare at the printer during the creation of a part and it is exciting to see all this curiosity and passion for these new technologies. We speak to the classrooms and we are happy to share our enthusiasm with them; we hope to be, for them, a good memory of this experience.
Yesterday it was the first day of the Maker Faire open to the public and there was a lot of people, we think about three thousands visitors in one day. A lot of questions and curiosity about our printer and our work and we are extremely happy about this.
We had also interviews with a national TV and a local one, we will link the videos as soon as available.







First day at the Maker Faire Rome

First day in Rome, we arrive yesterday and we prepare our booth for the three days Faire.
This first day we met a lot of people and other makers. It was very fun to share experience each other and show our 3D printed objects and the BadPrinter2 in action.
Today the Faire is open to the school as education day. We are very excited to meet a lot of curious boys and girls that can see closely all the projects that the makers are presenting here and not only 3D printing, but humanoid robots, awesome sculptures, every sort of electronic fun. We are very happy to share our project and participate to this education day with the makers of the future.



BadDevices at the Maker Faire Rome!

We are very happy to receive this email today:

“We are happy to inform you that your booth proposal BadPrinter2 (by BadDevices) for the Maker Faire Rome, based on the Call for Makers was accepted. The Maker Faire will take place in Rome at Palazzo dei Congressi, from 3rd till 6th of October 2013″

We are very excited to partecipate to our first faire and it will be the first european maker faire 🙂 🙂

So, come to see us there! @makerfairerome