Mission Accomplished!

Finally the first ten production BadPrinter2 are completed and running!
We are tired for the hard work of this long week end, but very happy and proud for the result!
It’s a very motivating goal, after months of design, trials, errors and the final rush of assembly. We learn a lot and this experience will be precious from now on, in order to facing the upcoming launch of the webstore and the future batch of production.

Here some images of the BadPrinter2 alligned on the workbench; hope you like the “new” purple and grey color.




Then some useful tool produced by the machine, like a rigid template to allow the correct placement of the Caution sticker or the customized BadDevices Allen wrench for an easy bed leveling.





First Machine in custom color, completed and running

This morning we complete the first BadPrinter2 of the production batch; the new transparent panels with machine name is very nice.
This is one of the custom color we decide to try different from the “classic” green theme.
The test is now under final testing and everything is going well, confirming the latest design improvement introduced in the series printers are working.




First batch almost finished

Another week and a full weekend of hard work to complete the first batch of ten BadPrinter2. The machines are almost finished; this is also a very useful test of our production capability, and it was very useful to verify the area of improvement of the production process, but with are very happy now on.
The two prototypes of BadPrinter2 assists us in producing the parts needed without a break and we think that this can prove the reliability and the printing capability of this printer.


For the first batch we decide to make five machines with the “classic” black/green baddevices theme colours, but we try new combinations and the result is quite promising.



Stay tuned for official launch of the website that we hope can happen soon

Production started!

Finally we are ready to start the first small batch production, we decide to go with ten machines for initial release of the BadPrinter2.
It is a week end of hard work welding all the parts, but we are very satisfied with the result, from bare steel sheets to full printer frames.
Now the frames are ready for the paintshop and in the meanwhile we have to concentrate in preparing all the cables to start building the subassembly like the carriage in the picture. Then we can go for the final stage of machine assembly and testing.
Our trustworthy prototype machines are working at night to produce the printed parts for their sister machines 🙂
Stay tuned for upcoming news





Knurled Knob Test

We need to design some control knobs for the bed leveling screws and we like the effects of knurled aluminum knobs, so we try to make the same printing directly the knurl pattern.
We make a quick test with a very thin pattern and we don’t expect to obtain this quality on the small diamond edges of the knob.
The layer eight is 200 micron, so reducing the speed and the layer height to 100 micron the shape of the diamonds will results even better.



We think that the printing quality, especially in x and y position has contribution from the new all aluminum support of the hotends


Long run testing

We are testing long run prints on the BadPrinter2, that it is now close to the final design, in particular for the hotend carriage with a feature for easy replacement of the hotend.
The tests vary from a 200 micron layer about 8 hours printing time up to a 100 micron layer 27 hours print without problems.





Devilhead 2.0 (yzorg) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Zombie Hunter Head (Sculptor) / CC BY-ND 3.0

Skyrim: Dawnguard Vampire Lord (Vsions) / CC BY 3.0

Kisslicer is back!

The Keep It Simple Slicer is back. After been a while with no more update from its developer, Jonathan announce on the Kisslicer forum its intention to continue the project and a beta release of the future 1.5 version is already available for Windows and Mac users (Linux is coming).
The forum was down for a while for maintainance and now moved to a Google group space:


The new beta version already includes support up to 4 extruders and multicolor/multimaterial printing, so we are very curious to see how it performs on our BadPrinter2 with the toolchange script.
Kisslicer is one of our favorites slicer for the capability to obtain a very clear finish on the printed part.
Here some screenshot of the UI with the possibility to customize the build plate.



We also buy a 0.25 nozzle for our E3D hot end, so we want to try this combination, in particular for small pieces.