Big update on BadPrinter2 production

It’s been a while from the last update on our blog.
The last post reports our partecipation to the MakerFaireRome 2014 and it’s dated two months ago (the time is running very fast :-))
A brief description of our esperience there: we met a lot of nice people and lot of curious persons.
We are happy to show the series version of our BadPrinter2: the people were impressed by the quality of the printed objects, and also by the quality and construction of the machine and we are very proud of that.
A lot of work going into the design and we want our machine to be a robust and reliable 3D printer and we think we had succeeded in the task.

Coming back from the faire we had a lot of things to organize, we want to start with the second batch of machines and we had to plan a lot of things: some minor upgrade in the design and the production. We have to buy and manufacture all the part needed and to print a lot of plastic parts. Our new milestone is to go for twenty machines.
We are not alone in working on the production; our trustworthy BadPrinter2 are helping us by printing late at night to produce all the parts of their “sister” machines. We had a total of about 1800 parts to be printed for all the twenty machines 🙂

We hope to be able to run the new website soon, we are defining the latest details; for the moment keep in touch with our “classic” blog 🙂