Kisslicer is back!

The Keep It Simple Slicer is back. After been a while with no more update from its developer, Jonathan announce on the Kisslicer forum its intention to continue the project and a beta release of the future 1.5 version is already available for Windows and Mac users (Linux is coming).
The forum was down for a while for maintainance and now moved to a Google group space:

The new beta version already includes support up to 4 extruders and multicolor/multimaterial printing, so we are very curious to see how it performs on our BadPrinter2 with the toolchange script.
Kisslicer is one of our favorites slicer for the capability to obtain a very clear finish on the printed part.
Here some screenshot of the UI with the possibility to customize the build plate.



We also buy a 0.25 nozzle for our E3D hot end, so we want to try this combination, in particular for small pieces.


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