Keep working; collecting the puzzle pieces

We are not posting so much these last weeks, but we are very busy working on the pre-series machine.
We are keep working and improving the design and we are collecting all the material to build the first item.
It’s like a big puzzle and we are trying to match all the pieces and the result is promising.

The electronics is almost finsihed, still missing a small PCB board to be etched for the display and some components will arrive next week.
Now we concentrate on printing some of the parts of the carriage and some brackets.

We hope to post some good photos of the assembly status before the end of the month… stay tuned 🙂

Long week-end, Hard work

It is some time after the last post, but we are very busy working on the pre-series version of the BadPrinter2, in particular these three days of hard work.
After the MakerFaireRome we evaluate and identify all the areas where the BadPrinter2 can be improved: we found a lot of minor improvements that can allow us to make the machine more precise, reliable and easy to maintain.
Starting from the extruder we decide to introduce the possibility to trim the spring tension, so we are making some prototypes and the results are very good, we need to try it in the machine testing the extrusion during real prints.




We are also reviewing the metallic frame; we want to switch to a complete laser cut steel frame, so there are some work to do in accomodating all the parts in the new frame.
We will maintain the winning H-Gantry style and the very good E3D hotend.

Moreover, this week some new material arrived: PVA, Nylon and Rubberlike material; we start with some test print with red rubber from Plastink and we discover it is an interesting material: it prints easily and it is quite flexible.


Next days we will try with Nylon 🙂