Paint it black!

We are completing the last things before going to the MakerFaireRome! Ten days to go 🙂
So the first thing is to paint the BadPrinter2 as promised and the machine without war scars its far way better and fantastic looking.

Painted BadPrinter2

Next thing is to made some nice shot to the best 3D printed part that we made until now in order to have some picture to include in the flyer we distribute during the faire and some picture are quite nice 🙂


Now we have also a Thingiverse account were you can find our creation, the link is:

Other stuff to do is to prepare the material, the spare parts and so on.

Then we concentrate on the design of the “series” printer, we start revising the metal enclosure to allow a better and easier assembly and a more robust construction and today we will continue improving the Z bed movement system.

6 responses to “Paint it black!

  1. In the picture above I see two linear bearings on Y axis. In the beginning there was only one.
    What was the reason of this change?

    Best Regards, Romeo

    • This is the old design and we abandoned it due to “racking” of the X axis bar (changing from one bearing to two improve this aspect, but does not solve it). To solve completely we replace rod and bearings with linear rails. Check the new design of the printer.

  2. Hi
    I have seen some of Yours printing videos and results are great.
    Is this “racking” so big problem?
    Linear rails are “little” pricey.

    Best Regards, Romeo

    • The racking of the “old” design has more vibration and play than linear rails, so the overall precision of the system is increased and this can be clearly seen on the printed parts of the final machine compared to the prototype

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