Fully Assembled Printable Wrench

We see this challenging piece on thingiverse:


By barspin; this is the adjustable wrench to be printed in one piece and it works!


The white one was printed with Slic3r at 0.2 mm layer and it tooks about 1 hour and 20 minutes and after removing the additional supports and material it moves 🙂


Check out the video; the piece is straight and of good quality for the layer height and speed that we use.

After that we try a multicolor print, we modify the .STP file separating the section and creating the .AMF file needed for multicolor.
This time we print it with Cura, but it seems that the support generated automatically are too strong and does not break and do not allow free movement of the adjustable parts.
Anyway it was a good and fun experiment 🙂